Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our next project...

Our next project for the Chevelle is do give it an oil change. When I cash my check we will go and buy some oil and an oil filter.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Progress since we first bought the car...

History of The Malibu Since Its Purchase

Acquired on Dec 16th 2004
Dec 18 : Replaced sparkplugs and got engine running.
News Years Week Pounded out dent in door enough to get door to open.
Jan 11 : Finally got title.
Jan 12 : Tried to pass emissions but failed.
Jan 16 : Rebuilt carb to correct emission problems.
Jan 18 : Retested for emissions, failed again.
June 9, 2006 : parked in garage with a dead carb, not going anywhere for a while. :(
Outa time-Outa money
Sept 26, 2006: Jump started car and still runs but carb still leaking gas.
Oct 1, 2006: Found a replacement door

Oct 4, 2006: Bought door from Desert Valley Auto Parts in Phoenix. check it out at this site;
Oct 4: Another good link to the same lot
Oct 4 : Put door on.
Aug, 08’: Drove on freeway, lots of power still. Moved to new house.
Aug 22, 09: Drove around the block, took out rear deck. Washed and vacuumed interior. Greased broken door hinge. Cut down headliner.
Aug 24, 09: Ran out of gas with kids in the car. Embarrassing….
Aug 27, 09: Replaced all spark plugs and spark plug wires

Yesterday we changed all the spark plugs and spark plug wires and the car is running alot smoother.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


The blog for the '71 Chevelle is currently under maintenance and will be running ASAP.