Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fuel Gauge....Driver Window

pulling off fuel tank

fixing driver window

It has been awhile since we last worked on the car cuz we have been so busy. The car still runs great! Need a new battery though. The driver window finally gave up. The tracks and stuff were breaking, along with the wheels. We took everything off of the window and replaced it with new parts. We also took off the fuel tank to try to find out why the fuel gauge in the car isn't working. Unsuccessful there. Last night me and my dad disassemble the dash to try to see if the gauge was stuck but t wasn't... The car probably has some electrical issues. Hopefully that will be solved.
Now we are still needing a paint job along with lots of body work, and the interior (roof and floor) need to be replaced with new material. The main priority now is to fix that fuel gauge.