Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bondo & Primer

Sanded the bondo and primed it all up. Just need to wet sand and give it a coat of paint.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Work

Well the carburetor has been leaking fuel like crazy out of one of the many bolts in it. We put some lock tight around the bolt which stopped the leak. As we were looking at the puddles of gas sitting on the engine, we noticed that my right upper control was very loose. We could just move it side to side which is not good. One my bushings fell out. So this got us started in a project we really didnt want to do lol.

After going to auto zone quite a few times and as well as pep boys, Sun Devil Auto, and Napa, We were able to install the ball joint and had the new bushing put into place. We put the ball joint in and start filling it with grease and of course the seal starts leaking like the rest of my 39 year old joints! So we had to pry it out again and get a new one. It was a pain in the butt project but was so worth it! The car is driving smooth but does pull some to the right now.

Wednesday is the first day of school so I am trying to get some body work done before then. I will be sanding, bondoing, hammering and painting probably all day today. I will most definitely take some pics!