Sunday, September 20, 2009


On Saturday we took the car to the emissions testing place to see if we would pass since the Chevelle has been running really good lately.

Here are the results for our previousEmissions Test on 4-01-05:

Loaded reading: 269 - passing is 450: Pass
Idle reading: 608 - passing is 450: FAIL

Carbon Monoxide
Loaded reading: 6.72 -passing is 3.75: FAIL
Idle reading: 11.41 - passing is 5.0: FAIL
Saturday's Results:
Loaded reading: 240 - passing is 450: Pass
Idle reading: 228 - passing is 450: Pass

Carbon Monoxide
Loaded reading: 2.64-passing is 3.75: Pass
Idle reading: .19- passing is 5.0: Pass

WE PASSED!!!!!!! I was so nervous when we took it in! I cant believe how much lower our results were from our last test.

Our next project will be to replace the brake shoes since we are hearing some squeaks and feeling some vibrations that arent normal. I LOVE the chevelle!! haha.
The car is still running very smooth and sounds great.

Friday, September 18, 2009


For my dads birthday my mom got him insurance for the chevelle (i new this for a few days and it was so hard not to tell him haha). Then my dad bought himself a 30day pemit! So whenever we go somewhere with out the entire family we are always taking the chevelle. WEewent to auto zone last night and bought 2 mirrors, since we dont have any side mirrors, and some wing nuts to keep that air filter from falling off. The car is still running great and it is also not blowing the black or white smoke our of the tail pipe which is very good and it also doesnt stink as bad as it used too!

Our next project will be finding the time to go and get the car emissioned test.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Last night my dad and I started up the car and turned the idle down a little cuz it was a little too high. The car is running really nice right now. My dad took it out to the church parking lot and back to the house. Its been like a week or so since we last started it and normally by then trans-mission fluid will have leaked out and it hasnt so woohoo for that!

We just now need to get insured and get a 30 day permit and drive it around for a few hours then get it emissioned tested!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Update - we adjusted the carb on labor day, and also got the brake lines bled out. Running much better and the brakes are working again. Emission test here we come.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Oil Change

So last night Me and my Dad gave an oil change to the Chevelle. Is was actually quite fun. It was pretty hard getting under the car since its a low rider lol. We didnt spill as much as we did when we did the suburban. The car is running alot smoother with the clean oil. Im sure the car is quite happy for that. Thanks for letting me do the majority of the work Dad!! :)

Our next project for the chevelle is bleeding the brakes, and adjusting the fuel mixture along with the idle so it runs a little better. And we also need to get a few gallons of gasoline in the car as well. :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Seat Cover

This is what the seat cover looks like. I think it looks pretty good. It definitely makes the inside look better. Now its on to the oil change.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oil, Seat Cover

(the oil and filter is beind the seat cover :])

Ok so me and my dad went and bought, octane boost, stop oil leak, Mobile 5000 oil, and a seat cover. The octane and oil leak will help us bring down all the crap we are blowing our of the exhaust pipe so we can pass emissions, and the oil currently in the car is 5 years old so that needs to be changed. All of this will be done on friday!